How to Make a Paper Car

A fun project to enjoy with your children is to make paper cars together. The techniques are quite simple to master, and anyone can do them. They are appropriate for very young children, too, so long as they are supervised.

Use a square piece of paper. If you don’t have origami paper, fold down the top of a regular sheet of paper to form a triangle, then cut that piece off. You’ll be left with a square sheet of paper. If you use origami paper, place it on a table with the back side facing up.2
Fold the top edge down to meet the bottom edge. Make a crease in the middle of the paper, and then unfold the paper to put it back in its original position.3
Divide the paper into thirds in your head. Fold the top third of the paper down. This type of fold is called a “mountain” fold, so called because the shape forms a mountain.[1] Then, fold the bottom third of the paper up. This type of fold is called the “valley” fold because it forms the shape of a valley.[2]
The “mountain” and “valley” folds are opposites of each other and form the most basic of origami folding techniques.

Fold the corners of each flap. Pull the edge of the bottom left corner of the top fold up and to the right to make a triangular fold. Crease the paper. Do the same with the bottom right corner, except fold it up and to the left. Repeat the process with the top corners of the bottom fold. The bottom and top should mirror each other.]]

Fold the tips of the triangles. Fold the upper tips down and the lower tips up. Doing this will round the corners to create the wheels.

Fold the whole paper in half along the first crease. You now have the body of the car.

Find the top right corner of the paper. Push the corner down to make a pocket fold. The pocket fold that you just made creates the trunk of the car. A pocket fold is a “mountain” fold combined with two “flat” folds. “Flat” folds simply unfold the paper and return it to its previous state.[3]

Examine the front half of the paper car. This section will become the windshield. Use scissors to cut a slit in the paper at the point where you want to put the windshield. Cut to the right and at a slight angle so that the windshield will slope like it does on a regular car.

Make the hood of the car. Push down on the piece you cut until it tucks into the slit you made in the previous step.

Finish the car. You can draw windows, if you wish. Feel free to add other details such as lights and doors, too.

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